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3 Hallmarks of Excellent Web Design – What You Need to Know

What makes a good website? This is a fundamental question that you should know the answer to. Not only does the question ensure you build an excellent one, but you’ll know exactly what to invest in to make the most of it.

While every website shares a few common characteristics, there are a few hallmarks that separate excellent sites from those that could use some development. We’ll be taking a closer look at a few of them today.

Here are the indicators of excellent web design:

  1. Great user interface

Excellent user experience is one of the hallmarks of a good website. Why? It’s simple. If a user does not like how a website looks, feels, or offers, they will simply up and leave to search for what they want in another site.

One of the ways good user experience is achieved is with a simple user interface. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. That is because you might automatically assume some things are easy to understand, while they remain vague and confusing to your visitors.

What is the best tip on ensuring the website offers good user interfaces? Just keep it simple. Once you have designed your site, give it a test run! If you find something to be weird or awkward, chances are your users will feel the same, too.

  1. Visual attractiveness

In pretty much every aspect of businesses, first impressions are everything. It is the first contact between a user and company that can seal the fate of the business and determine whether a customer wants to buy from them or not.

That said, the same can be said about websites. If a visitor first enters a website and sees that your website is beautifully designed, they will automatically have a positive feeling about it. Of course, if they see a poorly designed one, they will automatically assume negative things.

How do you ensure your website looks attractive? Take a look at a website that you love. What are the features that attract you so much? Is it their use of shapes and colours that you like or is it something else? Consider these things, including the latest trends and technology, and you will come up with a site that looks amazing.


  1. Responsiveness on different displays

More than half of all website visits are not on a typical desktop computer, but on different devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. A good website will be able to be useful no matter what device is is displayed on, morphing and changing its designs to fit each screen.

When a site is able to adjust to different displays, it is said to be responsive. This is important because if a page is displayed on a large monitor, it should be readable and visually appealing. If a customer chooses to view that same page on a smaller screen, though, they should be able to see a simpler view that offers the same information, ensuring maximum usability. Failure to do this can either make text and features too small to even see on a large screen or a pile of convoluted mess on a smaller one.


There are many hallmarks of a great website such as optimized content, a fast loading speed, and more. However, we believe the three above to be some of the most important. If you want to make sure that your website is at the top of its game, though, you’ll need to put in the work.

Skipping a major hallmark can seriously hurt the performance of your site, leaving you unable to hit your goals and wondering where you went wrong. Put effort into creating your website, and you will soon reap the rewards you deserve.

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