We often get enquiries asking us how much a website or app will cost to make.  It’s a good question, which we aim to address on this page.The short answer is ‘it depends entirely on the project‘Here at ROUGEdigital we don’t have a price list as such, this is because we only ever build bespoke apps and websites for our clients. No two projects are the same, and therefore no two prices are the same either.For example, a one page landing page with just a logo and a phone number will always be considerably cheaper than a full blown e-commerce set up.Our process always involves an initial ‘no obligation’ consultation, where we discuss your exact requirements and use our expertise to make some suggestions. After this consultation we always issue you with a formal fixed price written quote. If you choose to go ahead, this is the price you pay for the work agreed.

Basic Prices

Whilst these aren’t set in stone, and again it can depend very much on what you need we appreciate that you may like to have some idea before making an enquiry

simple wordpress websites start at  £600

simple mobile apps start at  £1800