WordPress Developers

Well done, you have found your future WordPress Developers !

ROUGEdigital are huge advocates of WordPress CMS, we develop almost all our web based projects in WordPress. Whether they’re brochure based websites or full blown e-commerce sites, WordPress is nearly always the best option. We’d almost class ourselves as dedicated wordpress developers.

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, it power over 20% of the whole internet. Big multinational brands such as Disney, Sony and Microsoft are running WordPress for their websites. So you’ll be in good company ! ROUGEdigital are so confident in WordPress that we’ve built our own site using it.

WordPress Developers

As experienced WordPress Developers, We have developed WordPress powered sites for the education, industrial B2B sales, holiday lets, health and fitness  sectors to name but a few.

Our clients love WordPress, they say it’s the easiest CMS they’ve ever used. Some of our clients have even taken up blogging as a hobby, thanks to the power of WordPress.

One of the key reasons we love WordPress is due to the open source license, meaning we can build new bespoke features and plugins for our clients. WordPress handles all the standard functionality like user management, payment handling and email sending. Therefore, your wordpress developer can concentrate on building the unique features you require.

Woocommerce Developers

WordPress is extremely flexible, and can easily accomodate a full ecommerce setup through the WordPress plugin, woocommerce. Features such as payment, shipping, subscriptions, automated marketing, bookings, POS integration can all be built into your WordPress website. Not only are ROUGEdigital happy to be your WordPress Developer but you can also call us to be your WooCommerce Developer too.

We would love to work with you on your next WordPress project, so contact ROUGEdigital now to become your WordPress Developer

Wordpress Developers