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4 Mobile Marketing Tips to Generate More Leads

Did you know that there are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide? In 2019, the average US adult spent 3 hours and 10 minutes a day on mobile devices. Likewise, seven out of ten Internet users claim that they look for customer reviews using their phones.

With mobile commerce sales expected to hit $2.92 trillion in 2020, e-commerce entrepreneurs need to start optimising their online stores to gain customers and grow their business for the long run. This is where mobile marketing comes into the picture.

One important facet of mobile marketing is lead generation, apart from sales conversion. With this online marketing form, your ultimate goal will be to get web users to fill out your form, get interested in the offer, and eventually become leads. The challenge, however, is actually generating leads out of mobile device users.

Fret not, as we’ve prepared a rundown of four marketing tips for you to generate more leads via mobile devices for your e-commerce business:

  1. Create with simple and readable CTAs

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are lines of texts, images, or buttons that prompt users to take desired actions. You can use these to direct visitors to the right web page, guide them on what to do next, and compel them to fill out your form for lead generation. However, the problem is that they might not be conspicuous and legible via mobile devices. For this reason, make sure to create simple and clear CTAs that serve their purpose even on mobile devices.

  1. Offer customer loyalty programs and discounts

As most users heavily rely on their mobile devices to surf the web, it’s best to provide customer loyalty programs and discounts to generate more leads. Here’s the trick: be sure that these offers are availed via mobile phones or even tablets. While you’re at it, have them fill out your contact forms before they can redeem your exclusive offers. Doing so will compel them to provide their information so that they can take advantage of these special deals.

3. Optimise your content for mobile devices

It’s been said multiple times that content is king in the digital world. Yet, how can these pieces of content resonate with your target market if they cannot be read or viewed via mobile devices? The answer is to optimise your content for mobile use through responsive web design. This approach helps make your content viewable regardless of the device being used. Likewise, be sure to make your content easy to digest by writing concisely.

4. Utilise progressive profiling

Filling out forms via your phone or tablet can be quite frustrating at times. The chances are that the fields are two small and the texts aren’t readable. If your users are confronted with this problem, the best way to remedy this is to utilise progressive profiling. This method enables you to replace form fields that have already been filled out when a visitor lands on your contact form again. That way, you’ll make your forms much shorter and space out the collected information.


At this point, you now know how to boost your mobile marketing and generate more leads. All it takes is to come up with simple CTAs, offer customer loyalty programs and discounts, optimise your content for mobile devices, and utilise progressive profiling. With all these in place, you’ll be surprised at how you take your mobile marketing up a notch by generating more leads for the good of your e-commerce business!

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