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Creating An App For Your Business – What You Need to Know

There’s an app for everything these days. Whether it’s productivity, food delivery, or games, you’re likely to find an app for anything you can imagine out there. They’re such an integral part of everyone’s daily lives that you may have wondered how much time people spend on them in a day. And since most apps are free, some folks will naturally ask how they make money.

Whether you’re planning to launch your own app or are just curious about how they work, some revealing insights can be gathered from data. Here are some must-know statistics for app development that can answer your app-related questions:

It’s expected that 7.26 billion mobile users worldwide will own a mobile device in the next couple of years

That’s right—nearly everybody on the planet today will own a smartphone in the next few years. If you’re a business owner, this statistic is an important indicator that you should be going mobile, whether that’s through launching an app or optimising your website to be mobile-friendly.

About 60% of smartphone users favour brands whose apps and mobile sites make purchasing easier

When it comes to penetrating the eCommerce space, presence isn’t what wins customers over. User experience, or UX for short, provides customers with a seamless experience that guarantees them the speed and convenience they look for when shopping online.

Shoppers have so many options at their disposal that anything slow or unintuitive will make them jump ship and explore the next online store with a better shopping experience. Keep your customers engaged and invest in your UX to build loyalty.

The average person uses their smartphone for about 3.7 hours a day

Smartphones are able to do what desktop computers can, and even more, as time goes on. Many of us spend more hours on our phones because it offers what we need so conveniently, whether that’s a quick search query or to send an email. With the amount of time people spend on their phones these days, it’s an opportune moment for brands and businesses to make themselves available on mobile.

Nearly half of daily internet access is done through smartphones

This means that nearly half of the time, users will reach for their phone rather than their laptop to access the Internet. If your business is only accessible through desktop, then you’re missing out on engaging with potential customers by 50%. That’s quite a significant figure for a missed opportunity. As such, the only solution is to get on mobile to penetrate all platforms.

About 40% of users will uninstall apps they don’t use

Designing and launching an app is only half the battle. The other half is getting your users to actually use it.

Make sure that your app offers something valuable to the user to gain credibility for your brand. Another pitfall of many businesses that have gone mobile is stopping after the first or second iteration of the app. Apps need to be updated continuously to keep users interested and engaged.


So what do all these statistics mean and why are they important? Trends are happening in web and app development all the time. Knowing what your users are doing with the apps that they download can help you design even better ones is extremely valuable information. A well-designed app can not only help you reach out to your audience, but it can redefine your entire brand and change your business in ways you never imagined.

Creating a mobile app is a lengthy process that starts with a simple idea. Here at Rouge Digital, we develop custom iOS and Android Apps for a wide range of clients across the North West with full front end and back end solutions. If you’re ready to digitally transform your business with an app developer in Cheshire, visit our website today.

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