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A Guide To Effective Website Design For Schools & Colleges

When it comes to designing websites for schools and colleges, there are different factors to consider. It’s not the same as setting up typical business or e-commerce websites. You need to account for a different kind of customer: parents and pupils in need of great educational programs. With this in mind, there are quite a few website features to consider.

This guide will help you talk effectively about your school or college online. It will teach you how to encourage new students to enrol for the next school year and interact more effectively with your current students and their parents.

Display your school’s departments and enrolment procedure

Your first step into effective online communication lies in presenting your school or college’s different departments and enrolment procedures. This is what enrolled and enrolling students have in common. They want to meet enrolment deadlines and refer to the right teacher or professor regarding their program. They also want to use the website as a means to plan out their school year effectively.

You want to use organised written content with informative graphics. This information will conveniently present everything students and parents need to do before the school year. It also allows them to discuss certain features in the curriculum with you. Remember that clarity and conciseness is the key to presenting vital information about your school or college.

Talk about new school facilities and upgrading equipment

As you want the students to take pride in their school, there also needs to be an online space dedicated to new state-of-the-art school equipment and upgraded facilities. This will get current enrollees excited and motivated for the new school year. Plus, it’s a great way for parents to discuss among themselves and promote your school to other parents.

Make a school or college blog for these new announcements. It’s a great way for you to distinguish your highly competent school or college from those that are more traditional in approach and lack funding for quality school equipment. Take high-quality photos or videos to advertise your school or college effectively online.

Promote the achievements of your students and teachers in competitions

As you take pride in your school’s new equipment, you also want your students and teachers to be celebrated. Winning nationwide competitions and tournaments are great topics for online content. You don’t even have to supply the words yourself, as you can ask the students or teachers involved in the victory to produce the content. This makes your school or college site more authentic and effective in self-promotion.

Meeting school or college accreditation status should also be posted on the website. This is an effective way to show your school or college competitors that you are committed to quality education and service. Don’t forget to cite acknowledgements like that from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC). This helps draw attention from potential investors to your school or college.


When it comes to designing your school’s professional website, take note of the aforementioned tips. Strive to become a well-known school or college online today.

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