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5 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Is your website design living up to your expectations? Keep in mind that a professional website is vital for all types of businesses, yet your design must aesthetically-please at the same time. The design of your website plays a significant role in your online success, which is why you need to have a professional team to work on the design and structure of your website. This is mainly because your site will serve as your brand’s online platform.

Other than gaining tips for excellent design, it’s also essential that you know the common mistakes to avoid at all costs. Here are five that you need to know about:

Having A Busy Web Design

A busy web design has too much going on at the same time, and that means there is lots of clutter. You might think that these elements can attract visitors, but the opposite actually happens. This is because a busy design can confuse your visitors—some won’t be able to find what they need, while others may find it challenging to navigate your site.

Keep in mind that your site visitors must be able to know what your business is all about and how you can help them. If there’s too much happening on your website, it can get frustrating. As much as possible, keep your web design simple.

Using Improper Minimalist Web Design Practices

Going for minimalist web design is an excellent idea, yet it must be done right. Overdoing the minimalism aspect may leave your site with little information, which will reflect poorly on you. Remember that your site needs to provide solutions to your target audience easily. Make sure that it is easy to figure out at a glance, and always keep in mind user experience!

Missing Or Poorly-Constructed Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

Keep in mind that your CTAs help to direct visitors on what they should do next, which is why they need to be on every page. However, a CTA isn’t merely putting a “Contact Us Today,” instead, it must be persuasive and informative to make users click on it.

In line with this point, another web design mistake is failing to put CTAs on essential pages and parts of your website. In this case, how will users know what to do next? They might find your content compelling, yet if they don’t know the desired actions, then most users will look for other companies that offer better experiences.

Incorporating Poor Quality Images

Images and other visuals are essential in web design because they can easily convey complex thoughts without the need to read a text. However, you need to ensure that the visuals are placed correctly. If these visuals are positioned in unusual places, or they don’t follow a structure, your site visitors will end up confused. Another point is that low-quality images will reflect poorly on your brand. This is why you must always use high-quality photos to showcase your professionalism.

Failing To Solve Navigational Issues

If your navigation menu is difficult to find or your website has many broken links, you can expect a high bounce rate because users will find other businesses instead. There are many things that go in your navigation menu, so take your time to plan this out and ensure that it provides your site visitors a seamless user experience.


The four points mentioned above are the most common web design mistakes that you don’t want your business to make because they can negatively impact your brand. It takes time to build a brand, and it requires continuous work to grow. Don’t let poorly-designed websites ruin it for you, and invest in professional web designers who can get the job done right for your business.


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