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Going Mobile – What is Mobile Marketing ?

In a highly-digitised world, businesses are constantly striving to keep up with evolving marketing solutions. The normalisation and necessity of websites have given brands an equal chance to put their name on the top ranks of search results, but now new technology-driven concepts are creating more pathways for companies to grow.

One of the latest additions is mobile marketing, which leverages the consumer’s dramatic dependence on apps for shopping, entertainment, and other purposes. Leading corporations like McDonald’s, for instance, saw a smashing success with their mobile app as it streamlines the ordering process and bolstered engaging content for users.

Now that mobile apps are introducing new opportunities for small businesses and enterprises alike to boost your connection with your audience, the only question is this: how can you create an effective mobile app that clicks for your consumers?


Tip #1: Optimise the UX and Navigation for Mobile Users

Mobile apps are booming in the industry, but that doesn’t mean that it will generate positive impressions for your brand. There are various factors that can lead people to ignore your app, especially when you don’t consider the site accessibility, loading time, and overall design of the app’s UX.

It’s crucial to put mobile users at the forefront of your inspiration when directing the design of the app, especially since mobile activities should offer faster and smoother convenience for users. This means that streamlining their interactions is a must, just as you would improve the navigation for your website.


Tip #2: Include Incentives that Improve the Browsing Experience

Beyond creating a visually appealing and mobile-responsive app, it should also offer something different from your website. Personalising the app and adding key incentives can do wonders in encouraging your target market to use your app, which includes unique features like saving your customers’ previous purchases or searches.

Suggesting products that are tailored to your customer’s shopping preferences and history can also be a handy function that can give your app a competitive edge, allowing users to take something new from your offers.


Tip #3: Use Mobile Apps to Prompt Social Media Engagement  

Most consumers nowadays use apps to browse social media – from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Chat, and more. Seeing its natural preference for a mobile experience, it makes sense to combine social media marketing with your mobile strategies.

Positioning yourself as a trustworthy and prominent brand online can help attract more audiences and build your identity, allowing you to increase the engagement for your content and app at the same time.


The Bottom Line: Enhancing Your Marketing and Increasing Sales Using Mobile Marketing

Advances in technology in the business landscape come with the evolution of marketing. From print advertising to digital solutions, going mobile offers another avenue where brands can optimise their service and provide a better customer experience.

Seeing how mobile apps can create more engaging and streamlined browsing or shopping experiences for your target market, hiring the right app development agency is crucial if you want to successfully bring your vision to life.

Here at Rouge Digital, we offer app development services to businesses in the UK. Get in touch with us and see how we can help take your marketing strategy to the next level!

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