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2020’s Biggest Web Development Trends

For businesses and web developers alike, the pressure to stay on top of ever-changing trends is often overbearing. However, a powerful web presence is what makes your goods and services a viable digital product. Ignoring popular development trends can prove detrimental to your business and search engine rankings. Study the following trends and how best to implement them into your strategy to keep your website in a top-ranking spot.

Progressive Web Apps and Enhanced User Engagement 

Though not a new concept, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are among the largest trends in web development. With them, your website can load faster and preserve the high-level functionality of any applications you’re already employing. Note that if your mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load, roughly 53% of your website visits would’ve already been abandoned. Because of how they’ve revolutionized mobile browsing experiences, PWAs are excellent for:

  • Improving user engagement with features such as system notifications that can encourage re-engagement.
  • Specific and shareable URLs that aren’t published on official app stores.
  • Increasing website discoverability on search engines.
  • Smaller storage space on home screens without having to visit an app store.
  • Independence from network connections and usability across all platforms such as Chrome OS, Mac, and Windows.
  • Mobile and tablet responsiveness, enabled by media queries and viewport.
  • Reliability and security served over HTTPS.
  • Quicker implementation times and lower costs of development. Compared to native app developments on iOS and Android, PWAs take 4 times less to implement.

Single-Page Apps and Upgraded Performance

Nowadays, the idea of developing and maintaining bot a web and mobile application are less desirable and highly resource-consuming. Considering the constant rise of mobile users, developing a single app with responsive design allows you to cut down on expenses while satisfying consumer needs.

Among the options available to web developers are:

  • PWAs that primarily drive mobile engagement. If the majority of your visitors use mobile phones, this solution will likely suit you best.
  • Mobile apps that work in tandem with single-page web apps (SPAs) that load markup and data using JavaScript as opposed to individual HTML pages. This eliminates a user’s need to reload a page and boosts overall performance.

Motion UI and Augmented Design

One of the latest trends in UI development, Motion User Interface is an attention-grabbing way to present useful information to online browsers. If potential consumers have no patience to research what your products or services are about, UI transitions and animations can help improve their attention span. Not to mention, it can enhance your overall web design and refine app usability.

Another rising trend that is here to stay is mobile-responsiveness. Being on par with brands such as Amazon, Stripe, Apple, Adobe, and Booking can establish your brand as a worthy competitor.


Staying on top of industry developments can keep web engineers on their toes and allow them to enhance existing skills or develop new ones that will likely be in-demand in the future. Plus, business owners can enjoy constant access to methods of improving their website performance and better engaging with their clients.

For web design in Cheshire, or wherever in the U.K. you are, consult with our team at Rouge Digital. With us, your site will never feel dated—we’re always up to trends!

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